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Coming Soon

New Release May 29th

Since that fateful day when couldn’t save his best friend, Liam Hayes had coasted through life, going from one deadly mission to another, not caring if he lived or died. His only goal is to protect his team members and those he cares about from getting hurt—even if it costs him his life. Then he is reunited with the one woman he cannot have, who has dogged his dreams, beating back the nightmares, and changing his future.

Princess Taamira of Eyan no longer trusts anyone in her life, apart from the man that saved her when her own family abandoned her. Liam is everything she isn’t—loud, obnoxious, and has little regard for her royal status. Yet, his blue eyes hold her captive and his presence builds a warm cocoon of safety around her heart, breaking down her carefully erected barriers.

Liam is frustrated when he’s given responsibility for the Princess, a woman who is demanding, haughty, and too damn good for the cockney wide boy, but she lights a fire in him he thought was long dead. When the Princess once again becomes a target for those who want her dead, Liam will protect her with this life once more but this time the stakes are higher, the rewards so much sweeter. 

Smashing down the walls between them with honesty, they begin to build a future paved with truth, love, and passion. But when you’ve lived in a den of vipers such as Taamira has, it’s only a matter of time before one of them escapes and this time, the bite might be fatal.