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Fortis Security Series

The Fortis Security Series of books is made up of a group of ex-military elite soldiers who provide private security. The books delve into the world of the characters and their fight against the evil Divine Watchers.

Healing Danger (Fortis Security Book 1)image of book cover named Healing Danger

Dealing with the horrific murder of her best friend is more than enough for school teacher Lauren Cassidy, but now a madman has decided that she needs to die for her part in that death. With her life in danger and her past catching up to her, will she stay alive long enough to trust the one man she never forgot with her heart?


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image of book cover named stolen dreamsStolen Dreams (Fortis Security Book 2)

Nate Jones is unlucky in love. He's watched his parents love story play out his entire life and wants that for himself. His whole world was rocked when he walks into a hospital room and falls head over heels in love with Skye and  Noah.

Skye Mitchell is a single mother to an exceptional young boy. Noah has a  unique and terrifying gift, which in the hands of the wrong people, could risk his life. A life that is already under the shadow of a terrible disease. All she has ever wanted was her child healthy and to feel cherished by the man she loves. Skye and Nate are ready to take a chance on a once in a lifetime love but The Divine Watchers have other plans.

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Love Divided (Fortis Security Series Book 3)image of book cover named Love Divided

A woman with a secret past!
Lucy Bennett is not what she appears to be. When she overhears a devastating conversation she decides to fight the betrayal head on. To do that Lucy must let her past and present lives collide, face the hurt and guilt she buried years ago, and reveal the real Lucy to the world.

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image of book cover named secret redemptionSecret Redemption (Fortis Security Series Book 4)

He stops at nothing to keep those he loves safe!

Zack Cunningham is the sexy, brooding leader of the Fortis Team. He has  spent most of his life fighting evil, first as an elite SAS operative, and now  running Fortis, a group comprised of special ops men and women.

Now he faces the biggest fight of his life. He must keep the woman who has  haunted his dreams safe while he leads his team against the sick and twisted Divine Watchers.

With trusts broken and relationships betrayed, can he convince the woman who haunts him that he is worth a chance or will die trying?

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image of book cover named broken butterfly Broken Butterfly (Fortis Security Series Book 5)

A man who lives in the shadows. Zin “The Viper” Maklavoi has lived his life in the shadowy world of espionage, shedding the blood of evil and soaking up the darkness. Now, he needs to step into the light and allow the woman who has stolen his heart and soul to see the man behind the mask, even if it costs him everything. Can he convince her that he is damaged but not broken, or will he have to let his butterfly fly free?

A woman who longs to fly free. Celeste Bourdain learned from a very early age to keep to herself and hide her gift from those that would hurt and exploit her. After a painful rejection by the only man she has ever loved, she decides to embrace life on her own. But life has a way of teaching you who is really in charge, and before long her world is turned upside down. Can they find a way to save each other before it’s too late? Celeste now faces the biggest fight of her life. With the threat of death hanging over her head and bullets flying all around her she must now decide; fight or flight?

Can Zin win back his Pixie and stop the ticking time bomb that will kill her? Or will their entire world face annihilation and be forever changed? The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher in this game of cat and mouse.

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image of book cover named artic fireArtic Fire (Fortis Security Series Book 6)

A woman who stands alone!

As the leader of Zenobi, a deadly group of female assassins, Roz Maklavoi is feared and revered in equal measure. Hiding behind her impenetrable wall of ice is a young girl who was tortured and beaten, sold to evil by the one man she should have been able to trust. Now the man responsible for her torture has struck again, targeting her loved ones. Knowing she can’t allow anyone else she loves to become a victim of her ‘husband’, Roz embarks on a solo mission which will probably end her life. But dying doesn’t frighten her, living does. A lone wolf who embraces the darkness within.

Fifteen years ago, as a young soldier, MI6 officer Kanan ‘K’ Phillips fell in love with a broken young woman. Watching from afar as she fought to become the strong, fearless leader of Zenobi, knowing that she would never remember him, even though he’d never forgotten her. A chance meeting on a beach allowed them to spend two blissful months together as strangers until one night she disappeared. Now they have been thrown together again, and Kanan vows to protect his Kitten with his life. He must thaw the ice around her heart, without getting his own broken again. Will he make her see or will he die trying?

*Please note this book does contain scenes of sex and violence. If you are concerned that it may prompt upset then please do not read.

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image of book cover named phoenix risingPhoenix Rising (Fortis Security Series Book 7)

As the strong, silent, second in command at Fortis Security, Ex-SAS Commander Daniel Thompson has faced down every danger imaginable. Now the sexy widowed father has only one priority—to keep his daughter safe and avenge her mother’s death. 

The one thing he hadn’t counted on was that his biggest threat would come from his best friend’s baby sister.
Raised by a vindictive and jealous woman, Dr Megan Bennett struggles to find her place in the loving arms of her family. The only person who really sees her is the single father who is off limits. But as the desire between them reaches a fever pitch, neither can fight the longing they share. Passion and need take over, blinding them to the dangers that lurk in the dark.

With the consequences of their one night together crashing in on him, can Daniel neutralize the threat to Megan and still keep his heart intact?

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image of book cover named nate and skyeNate & Skye

After a tumultuous year, Nate and Skye are getting ready to tie the knot in a lavish Christmas Eve ceremony with all their family and friends present. But everyone knows a wedding never runs smoothly, especially when you have assassins, secret agents, and elite special forces on the guest list.

Skye is ready to say yes to the man she gave her heart to, with the hen party underway, and her oldest friend in town, everything is set. Except her friend is hiding a secret, one which could cost them all more than they ever thought possible.

With a hostage situation threatening the lives of the most important people in his life, Nate will do anything to stop Skye or Noah from coming to harm. Even making his bride a widow.

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image of book cover named digital desireDigital Desire (Fortis Security Series Book 8)

A secret is about to be exposed that will rock the entire foundation of Will Granger's life. As the tatted-up, pierced nerd of Fortis Security, he has provided life-saving technical support to keep his team alive.

Now he has to step forward and provide physical back-up to the woman he cannot get out of his head even though she has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. In doing this, he risks exposing himself as someone nobody really knows—a man only whispered about by those around him. With one aim in sight—to save Detective Aubrey Herbert from herself and those ready to kill her—Will risks destroying the very relationships that have made him the man he is today.

Aubrey Herbert has sacrificed her career for her family, and now it looks like her life is next. Following her sister to the deadly drug-laden jungles of Columbia is the worst idea she’s ever had. Especially when she finds herself face to face with the furious man who haunts her dreams and stirs her treacherous body. Will Granger comes across as the mellow nerd of the Fortis team, but she sees the real man beneath—the man who is every bit as alpha as his friends and twice as deadly. A man who could sallow her whole if she let him.

Thrown together, their only option is to work together to escape the vicious threat that wants them dead. Surviving the days is uncertain but surviving the nights without succumbing to their desire for each other is impossible.

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image of book cover named paradise tiesParadise Ties

It was supposed to be a time for fun and celebration…. Lucy, Jace, Dane, and Lauren are headed to St Kitts with their families and friends. The plan is to kick back and relax for a few days before their long awaited double wedding. The weather is hot, and the nights are sultry. The ladies have fun downing cocktails with fancy names as they relax by the pool, and the men discover a new appreciation for the women they love.

But things don’t always go to plan…. Everything is planned to within an inch of its life. Not even God himself would dare ruin this wedding for them. But nobody had factored in a surprise visit from a Saudi Princess to the island, or the lengths a group of people would go to capture her.Now there’s more than just a double wedding on the line…. With a room full of hostages—including some of their own—the race is on to find a way to save them before the clock runs out.

The men and women of Fortis must team up with their friends from Eidolon and Zenobi to rescue the people they love before their trip of a lifetime is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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image of book cover named wonded heartsWounded Hearts

Fortis operative Drew Preedy had been told he wasn’t good enough all his life, and he’d battled to overcome the odds and create a new life for himself—a life he loves. When someone from his past threatens to destroy that life, Drew knows he needs to fight the odds once more. When he uncovers a secret that tears him to shreds, he will stop at nothing to protect what is his, even if it means dying to protect the woman he loves.

Mara always thought she was a normal, average woman. She had a job she loved and friends she adored until she met a man who would change everything. He dragged her down into the depths of despair, surrounding her until she had no way out, and her spirit died more with every breath she took until she was ready to give up hope.

Then she met a wounded warrior who showed her what true love was but even he couldn’t stop the evil from dragging her back to hell. Now she has one last chance to escape and she takes it. Accepting the hand of friendship and the future that Drew offers her is a risk, but it’s one she knows she has to take.

Drew and Mara must find a way to let go of past hurts if they are to forge a future for themselves. With a dangerous enemy lurking in wait and ready to unleash a plan that could kill millions, they will have to fight harder than ever before if they want to survive long enough to see if their love has a chance.

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image of book cover named Scarred SunriseScarred Sunrise

To see the sunrise, he must defeat the darkness.

Trapped in an ever-darkening circle of hell, Smithy’s only reason for living is the woman he almost destroyed. Watching her from afar as the guilt of his sins pull him under, he knows the only way to keep her safe is to kill again. But when Lizzie turns her back on him because he won’t fight for a life he doesn’t deserve, Smithy realises that just maybe he might have one more fight in him, and this one will be the toughest of his life

Lizzie had her beautiful life ripped from her. Kidnapped and broken almost beyond repair, she has fought with every breath to be the woman worthy of her soul mate. As the fight with the Divine Watchers heats up, she must decide if she has enough left in her to give the man she has loved her entire life another chance, especially after he broke her heart once more and for her own wellbeing, she had to walk away.

As Smithy uncovers secrets that devastate him, he has a choice to make—to move forward and let Lizzie in or turn her away for a final time and make the ultimate sacrifice.

Faced with an impossible decision, can love survive the darkness and see another sunrise?

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image of book cover named Zin and CelesteZin and Celeste

The presents are, wrapped the tree is up, and the stockings are hung.
It’s time for a Christmas the Fortis gang will never forget.

A perfect family Christmas is something deadly spy Viper never thought he would have. But as he and his fiancée—the love of his life—head to Scotland to spend the holidays with the Fortis crew, he knows it will be one he never forgets. Celeste is ready for the holidays with the man she loves, their last as a couple before their baby arrives. But a cloud is gathering, bringing a feeling of doom too heavy to ignore, and before long, the perfect Christmas is in chaos. Can the love between these two overcome a madman who wants Zin dead, and will nature decide that not even that’s enough for them to contend with?

Buckle up because Santa just left, and he has an altogether different gift for this couple than the one they expected.

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Box Sets

image of book cover named box set volume 1(Fortis Security Series)

Start the first four books in the exciting Fortis Series. When evil targets the women they love these SAS heroes declare war and the SAS don’t lose. Includes Dane and Lauren, Nate and Skye, Lucy and Jace, And the boss man himself Zack and Ava.

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image of book cover named box set volume 2Fortis Security Vol 2 


Buckle in and be prepared for a roller-coaster ride with this next volume of the Fortis Security books containing books 4-7.

The men and women of Fortis Security must overcome a series of obstacles to find true love including a cult that wants to take over the world, bombs exploding, and the loss of close friends.

Broken Butterfly: Can Zin save Celeste from the forces of evil that are determined to keep them apart?

Arctic Fire: Kanan and Roz must overcome their pasts in order to forge a future together. That is, if they both survive long enough to have a future.

Phoenix Rising: Daniel is like a phoenix rising from the ashes when he finds a new love with Megan that is destined to last a lifetime.

Nate and Skye: A Fortis wedding novella: You are hereby invited to join Nate and Skye as they finally have their Christmas wedding. Unfortunately, the path to the alter doesn’t always run smooth.

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