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Power Play - Release Date 31st August

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Power Play

For this warrior who endured the worst, failure is not an option to save the woman he loves.

Nick Hale is a hero who served his country with pride, but the price he paid was higher than he ever could have imagined. While he was away fighting for freedom, his little sister was brutally slain by a serial killer. Years later, life had gone on as he works for Alliance Agency with his best friend, fighting for the innocents and the weak. However, he had never forgiven himself for letting his sister down and had never forgotten her best friend—Seren Bowen, the girl who was out of reach and too beautiful and innocent for the feelings she evoked in him. Now Seren is back and more lovely than ever, but with her comes trouble; a killer hunts her, one more dangerous than any of them ever could have imagined. As Nick fights his long-hidden desire for the red-haired siren, he must keep her safe from the psycho who wants her dead. Failure is not an option because he could never survive losing Seren, who represents long-sought redemption, but also the woman who had always owned his heart. As this powerful enemy is circling closer, can Nick risk it all to keep Seren safe and dare to dream of a happily ever after?


Lopez - Release Date 14th September

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Lopez: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel

Javier Lopez has a secret—his father is a contract killer.

Despite doing everything in his power to overcome the association with his father, his job at the NSA was shrouded by suspicious looks and doubt. When his mother is killed, he flees the US and takes a job with Eidolon, working as the communications lifeline for the team. For the first time, he’s found a purpose and a brotherhood that fills the empty corners of his life. Yet, he still yearns to uncover the truth about his mother’s death, and his father’s part in it. As Eidolon finishes up the tour for the Her Majesty the Queen and secrets are revealed, he finds himself face to face with the woman who may hold the answers. From the second he sets eyes on Adeline Lasson, Lopez feels a deep connection to the beauty. As she fights to recover from the coma that almost took her life and regain her strength, the team hunt for the location of her missing daughter, believed to have been kidnapped by Cartel leader Juan Ravelino. When he and Adeline grow closer, he realises that he can’t keep lying about his past because suddenly, she’s become the only future he wants. Adeline left the life of espionage and subterfuge behind and started a new life for herself and her daughter, away from the dangers that hunted her but that all changed when her child was taken. Clawing her way back from near death, she leans on Javier Lopez. Her attraction for the sexy computer expert grows with each smile and heated look. Addie knows she needs to concentrate on her child but the pull between them is too strong to ignore. When the tension spikes, they find themselves locked in a battle between the past and the future. They will need to work together to shed the shackles of the past and win the beauty that could be a life together, but first, they have a choice to make—face the truth together or continue living a lie apart.


Decker - Release Date 12th October.

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Decker-An Eidolon Black Ops Novel

Mark Decker suffered the ultimate loss when his family was wiped out in a cruel accident

which left him questioning everything he’d ever known. Discovering a new life and purpose with Eidolon as their team profiler saved him from a path of destruction and darkness. Keeping his heart locked away behind a cool edge of control ensured he’ll never risk that kind of pain again—until he meets her. Dr Savannah Sankey is at the top of her field as a world-renowned Neurosurgeon. With a failed marriage behind her, her focus is now on her career and her friends. She knows that if love is out there it will find her, and if it doesn’t, she’s prepared to live the rest of her life alone, even though she is lonely at times. Her attraction to the indifferent profiler who seems to hate her is unfortunate, but when he shows her a side of himself that nobody else sees, she can’t help but have hope that maybe he’s the one who won’t leave her like everyone else. When Savannah witnesses a murder, Decker knows he must do whatever it takes to keep her safe from the crime family now out for her blood. As he spends time with her, acting as her protector, passion flares and from that flame a connection grows that terrifies him. As unseen danger edges closer, he must decide if he’s willing to open himself to the risks that come with giving his heart away or if it’s his fate is to live alone. Will two lonely people put aside their broken hearts to find love, or will they walk away from each other and spend the rest of their lives alone?