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Tightrope Duet



Tightrope Book One

My husband is not the man I married. The man I remembered loving was, warm, kind, sensual. This man is cold, distant and cruel. The doctors say he’ll get better and I want to believe them. But I’m losing faith with every hate filled word past his lips. I miss the man I married. I miss the woman I was. Until I’m hit by a blue-eyed storm and now my life is shattered. When I lock eyes with the sexy stranger at the bar, he makes me remember the carefree woman I was. Lost after that single night of passion, I thought it couldn’t get worse. I was wrong. Torn between the vows I promised to a man who is cruel and remote and the all-consuming lust for a stranger I can never have, I walk the tightrope between desire and duty and hope that I don’t fall and destroy us all.

**Please Note this book ends on a cliffhanger and is part 1 of a duet. Book 2 will release in July**

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